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Welcome to The IPO Solution, a flexible and tailored resource that is designed to get your IPO off the ground efficiently and skilfully. Led by a small and highly experienced team, The IPO Solution is a groundbreaking idea that unites the full range of professional services required to successfully launch an IPO, leaving you with one point of contact.

The IPO Solution acts exclusively in your best interests. The very nature of an IPO involves the input of several professional disciplines, but your advisers at The IPO Solution retain full accountability throughout the process. The IPO Solution is the answer your ready-to-list company is looking for.

Our model

Think of The IPO Solution as a project manager, except rather than appointing and managing brickies, plasterers and sparkies, we engage and co-ordinate lawyers, accountants, valuers, marketers and more.

Our expertise is knowing who to call upon, and when.

The advantages to you are obvious, but perhaps most importantly you can continue to focus on running your business. Best of all, our referrals are based on goodwill and not commissions, so you can be absolutely certain only the best and most appropriate professionals will be chosen to engineer your IPO.

Our Services

Once you have made the decision to list, you will need to have the right people in your team to ensure a successful outcome. We will work with you to appoint and manage a team of specialists who will complete the necessary steps to achieve listing. By engaging The IPO Solution, you are effectively accessing a full range of IPO experts. The time this could save you is likely to be immense.

Every float is unique, which is why our offering is one of the most cost effective ways to list. We only engage the expertise your IPO requires. We offer an end-to-end service, meaning our role begins once you make the decision to float and continues through to your listing. On your behalf, we engage and manage a combination of the following:

  • Stockbrokers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Underwriters
  • Share registries
  • Media & marketing consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Valuers
  • Other specialists

About Us

Based in Melbourne, and with offices across Australia, The IPO Solution is the brainchild of Phillip Hains and Peter Vaughan. Both men are from The CFO Solution, which for many years has operated under the same network-driven model and has been providing back office financial services and reporting to listed companies since 2003. As part of a growing network of financial, legal and corporate advisory specialists, the formalisation of The IPO Solution was a logical step.

Phillip Hains MBA CA SA-fin (Principal and Sole Director)

Phillip is the founding director of The IPO Solution. He has almost 30 yearsʼ experience in providing businesses with accounting, administration, compliance and general management services. Phillip graduated with the Institute of Chartered Accountantsʼ Professional Year Program in 1991 and obtained his Public Practice Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1998. Phillip is also founder of The CFO Solution, a successful Chartered Accounting firm employing 20 people across three states. Phillip is driven to achieve, dedicated to ongoing learning and focused on results. An interest in understanding the goals and aspirations of others make him a valued member of any team.


Why engage someone to “manage” an IPO? Surely that is more expensive than hiring professionals directly?

The process of listing a company is not linear, which means each specialist involved in your float will step in and out of the project as needs arise. Managing specialists on this basis is not only time consuming, it requires expertise. Administering a float our way will save the average listing company tens-of-thousands of dollars.

How long does the listing process take?

Typically around six months, but it can be as short as three months or as long as two years. Variables include the scale and complexity of the transaction, the speed with which the listing is prepared and how quickly funds are received from investors.

What is a network-driven model?

The cornerstone of our approach is providing access for our clients to a network of IPO professionals. Crucially, your one point of contact is The IPO Solution, a trusted adviser that has navigated this path many times before and knows how to avoid the pitfalls.

What does it cost and how do you charge?

For its role in administering the listing, The IPO Solution charges an agreed up-front fee, at modest commercial rates, which varies according the specific requirements of the listing company. A success fee is also paid upon successful completion of listing.

What is your relationship with The CFO Solution?

For over a decade, our sister company, The CFO Solution, has been successfully saving listed companies thousands of dollars each year by streamlining their back office financial function. The CFO Solution was the inspiration for the network-driven model employed by The IPO Solution.

The IPO Solution harnesses the skill sets and networks of The CFO Solution team. The IPO Solution brings all of these resources together into one team to streamline the IPO process for a company with only the best level of professionals selected from each industry.

Our Expertise

As an increasing amount of listing-related work was being done by The CFO Solution, the decision was made to create a specialist entity, The IPO Solution. Our team has now performed countless capital raisings, share purchase plans, rights issues and initial public offerings predominantly in the industries of biotechnology, mining and exploration and technology devices. The expertise of our specialist group takes in accounting, company secretarial and corporate compliance for ASIC, ASX, AIM, NASDAQ and JSE listed companies.

“The IPO Solution was integral … over an 18 month period in assisting Spitfire Oil Limited (AIM:SRO) to prepare for final admission to the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The transition from private company to UK listed entity was complex and I appreciate the part The IPO Solution performed to achieve this ultimate goal.
Through the timely preparation of audited financial statements, preparation and lodgement of numerous regulatory documents, liaising and corresponding with lawyers, brokers, auditors, investigating accountants, and AIM Nomad Advisors, the IPO Solution (via The CFO Solution) bent over backwards … to ensure the IPO stayed on track.”

Andrew Woskett
, CEO and Executive Director (former) 
Spitfire Oil Limited

“Jutt Holdings (now Venturex Resources Limited, ASX:VXR) used The IPO Solution for its listing process, saving a lot of time and money.
By using The IPO Solution, a lot of the heartache was removed. The main benefit for us was the single point of contact. All we had to do was worry about running the company. We didn’t have to concern ourselves with lodgement timetables and all the rest. Effectively, someone else was keeping an eye on it for us.
I would absolutely recommend The IPO Solution to any other small organisation looking to list. They’ve got the systems in place and it’s the most efficient way to administer an IPO.”

Alvin Tan, Co-founder and director (former) Jutt Holdings

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